Hypetrain Motor Lineup

Each Hypetrain Motor is built to complement a unique flying style, whether you fly hard, fast, flowy, snappy, juicy, smooth, or cinematic. Regardless of your style, Hypetrain has a motor for you! Learn more about the highlights of each different model below. You can click on the photos to see more detailed info.


Hypetrain ACRO 2207 2450KV

The Hypetrain Acro has a 2207 stator and runs at about 2450KV, an effective combination that gives it an explosive throttle curve and extreme responsiveness. This makes it a great option for pilots who enjoy performing agile acrobatics at close proximity!


Hypetrain Blaster 2207 2450KV

The Hypetrain Blaster is very much alike the Hypetrain Acro, except that it is protected by our FLY HARD Replacement Program. An excellent choice if you want to push the limits of your flying without worrying about putting your equipment at risk! #flyhard


Hypetrain DAB 1104 7500KV

The Hypetrain Dab motors are extremely small and lightweight. Created as the ideal power train for ultra-light 2” drones, Dabs have oversized bearings to maximize durability and improve overall smoothness.


Hypetrain DRIB 2306 2650KV

The Hypetrain Drib motor produces more power than the Hypetrain Freestyle, but also draws a bit more current. This makes it best for low-pitch props like 5043. Thanks to its high RPM, the Drib motor has great responsiveness on the top end, while maintaining a smooth throttle curve overall.


Hypetrain FREESTYLE 2306 2450KV

The Freestyle was the first Hypetrain motor ever created. As such, it runs at a balanced 2450KV, making it a great go-to choice for general freestyle. With a more linear throttle curve than the Drib, and less maximum RPM, the Freestyle is extremely efficient, giving longer flight times. Thanks to its high torque, it’s able to run heavier, higher pitched propellers like 5048.


Hypetrain UMMAGAWD 2306 2150KV

Like the Hypetrain Stingy, the Hypetrain Ummagawd is a low KV motor that can run both on 4S and 5S voltage. It offers a lot of low end torque and runs very efficient on 4S with 6” props. While relatively tame on 4S voltage with 5” props, it provides beastly power on 5S voltage!


Hypetrain VANOVER 2207.5 1860KV

The Hypetrain Vanover Motor is Hypetrain’s top of the line racing motor. Although designed for absolute maximum race performance, the Hypetrain Vanover is also an exceptional choice for freestyle, taking a ton of abuse while still staying smooth.


Hypetrain VORT3X 2207 2650KV

The Hypetrain VORT3X is to the Hypetrain Acro what the Hypetrain Drib is to the Hypetrain Freestyle. With a high 2650KV rating, the Hypetrain VORT3X offers a lot of high end RPM and produces massive power on 4S with 5” props. This one is definitely Bando Certified!