Hypetrain Grinder 2306 2450KV


The Daily Grind Never Stops

The Hypetrain Grinder Motor is the budget option on the Hypetrain Lineup. The thought process that led to the development of the Grinder motor came from popular FPV drone pilot Botgrinder. In an effort to take his flying to the next level, Botgrinder kept trying new tricks relentlessly, putting massive stress on his equipment, especially the motors.

Hypetrain seized the opportunity to recruit Botgrinder’s input to create something for the pilot that shares that mindset. And thus the Hypetrain Grinder was born. Featuring a 2306 stator and a 2450KV rating, the Grinder motor skips the premium bells and whistles of other Hypetrain motors and focuses on performance and durability.

As with all Hypetrain motors, the Grinder motor has and open base. This optimizes airflow through the internals of the motor, and also saves weight and simplifies access for cleaning. Like other Hypetrain motors it has a 16x16 mm mounting screw pattern, and a shaft screw that allows quick bell replacement.


About the Pilot


Doug is a prominent and inspirational FPV pilot that quickly made a name for himself through his relentless efforts to improve his skills.

That became the inspiration behind the Hypetrain Grinder - to create a motor could put up with the increased abuse resulting from relentless practice!




Model: Hypetrain GRINDER

  • Weight: 30 grams

  • KV: 2450KV

  • Stator Diameter: 23 mm

  • Stator Height: 6 mm

  • Propeller Shaft Size: M5

  • Wires: 118 mm 20AWG Silicone Sheath

  • Bell Material: 7075 Aluminum

  • Magnets: N50 Curved Magnets

  • Mounting Screw Pattern: 16×16 mm

  • Input Voltage: 3-5S

  • Bearings: NMB 4x9x4mm 684ZZ



Each Hypetrain Grinder 2306 2450KV package contains:

  • 1x Hypetrain Grinder 2306 2450KV Motor

  • 1x M5 Nylock Propeller Nut

  • 4x M3 x 6mm Mounting Screws

  • 1x Sticker