Hypetrain Brat 1407 4140KV



The Hypetrain Brat is an ultralight micro motor created in collaboration with RotorX to achieve cinematic grade smoothness on 3” FPV drones while still maintaining balanced efficiency and power. Designed with the Acrobrat frame in mind, this motor’s priority is to deliver the smoothest operation out of any 1407 on the market.

Smooth operation means less vibrations. Less vibrations means less “noise” for your flight controller to deal with. Less “noise” means better performance and better efficiency. And most importantly, less “noise” means less jello and vibration get through to your HD recording camera, increasing the video quality!

Yet the Hypetrain Brat is not only smooth, but it is also the lightest motor in its class! It achieves this by adopting a modified open bottom design, reducing weight and simplifying installation. The T-Style propeller mount also contributes to the reduced weight, by using two small screws and a short centering shaft to hold the propeller in place rather than a heavy 5 mm shaft like other 1407 motors.

Overall, you can expect ultra smooth performance when running Hypetrain Brat motors on your Acrobrat or Cinewhoop frames. That’s the magic that RotorX and Hypetrain bring to the table.



Model: Hypetrain BRAT

  • Weight: 13 grams

  • KV: 4140KV

  • Stator Diameter: 14 mm

  • Stator Height: 7 mm

  • Propeller Shaft Style: T-Mount

  • Wires: 100 mm 24AWG Silicone Sheath

  • Bell Material: 7075 Aluminum

  • Magnets: N42 Curved Magnets

  • Mounting Screw Pattern: 12 mm

  • Input Voltage: 2-4S

  • Bearings: NSK MR52ZZ



Each Hypetrain Brat 1407 4140KV package contains:

  • 1x Hypetrain Brat 1407 4140KV Motor

  • 4x M2 x 6mm Screws

  • 4x M2 x 7mm Screws

  • 4x M2 x 8mm Screws