We believe pilots progress faster when you remove the fear of costly mistakes. We created the FLY HARD Replacement Program to give pilots more confidence to push the limits of their skills by reducing the fear of crashing and damaging components, ultimately creating greater enjoyment when challenges are met!

The FLY HARD Replacement Program facilitates a hassle-free discount on replacement motors, reducing the cost of getting your drone airworthy again! We are very excited to introduce this Program to the FPV community, and are looking forward to hearing about how the program helps you grow your skills in FPV!


Replacement Program FAQ


What is the Fly Hard Replacement Program?

The Fly Hard Replacement Program is a Limited Warranty Plan included with the purchase of the Hypetrain Blaster Motor. If you damage or destroy a Blaster Motor protected by the warranty, you are eligible to receive a discount code towards a replacement Blaster Motor.

How does the Fly Hard Replacement Program work?

  1. Purchase your first Hypetrain Blaster Motors! You’ll notice they have a unique serial number.

  2. Fly your new Blaster Motors!

  3. If one or more of your motors break, take a photo of each broken motor where the serial number is clearly visible.

  4. Click on the Claims Button below.

  5. Create an account, and follow the indicated steps to submit a claim. You will need a photo or screenshot of your receipt.

  6. You will be able to select the dealer where you want to purchase your replacement motor.

  7. Once your claim is approved, you will receive a unique, one time use coupon code valid for the store you selected.

  8. Visit the store you selected, and place the approved number of Blaster Motor replacements in your cart. Add your coupon code, and the Replacement Blaster Motors will be in your cart at a great warranty price!!

I got my Blaster Motors in Kwad Box. Am I eligible for Replacements?

Yes! Just send a claim and select “Kwad Box” as the place of purchase. When asked for an invoice, send us a screenshot of your Kwad Box invoice for December 2018.

Do I have to send the broken motor in?

You don’t have to send the broken motor in to send a replacement. When placing a claim, you will need to upload a photo of the broken motor, clearly showing the serial number on it.

Which Products Are Eligible?

The following Hypetrain Products are currently eligible for the FLY HARD Replacement Program:

Where can I spend my claimed Coupon Codes?

You can spend your claimed coupons at the participating retailer of your choice. The coupon codes are only usable towards the approved number of replacement motors.

Current Replacement Program Participants are:

How do I join the FLY HARD Replacement Program?

By purchasing a Hypetrain Blaster before June 20th, 2019, you are automatically covered by the Replacement Program. Don’t lose your receipt!

You will be able to claim coupon codes towards replacement motors until the program ends, on October 20th, 2019.

The motors you receive as replacements are also eligible for further replacements, until the end of the program, on October 20th, 2019.

How do I CLAIM my replacement motor?

Click the button below to submit a claim. You will be asked for the following details:

  • Your Hypetrain account (sign in required)

  • Proof of Purchase (Receipt)

  • 9-Digit Serial Number of up to 4 Damaged Motors

  • Photo of all Damaged Motor Clearly Showing the Serial Number


How many replacements can I receive?

Each Unique Serial Number can only be claimed once, but motors purchased as replacements are also eligible for further replacement. The Serial number will be generated depending on the number of motors that have been approved. You can claim a maximum of 4 discounted replacement motors per order.

Motors obtained through replacement claims are also eligible for replacement.

Is there an END DAte for the program?

Yes. You will be able to claim your replacement discount until the program ends, on October 20th, 2019.