Designed by Hypetrain

An exploded view of a Hypetrain 2306 Series Motor.

An exploded view of a Hypetrain 2306 Series Motor.



The Hypetrain brand was launched in 2017 to provide a reliable, quality power train offering for FPV Drone Pilots.

The Hypetrain Freestyle 2306 2450KV was the first product born under the Hypetrain brand. Developed with direct feedback from top FPV pilots, several variations of the Hypetrain Freestyle prototypes were stacked up against each other through a rigorous testing procedure until the ideal balance of power, efficiency, and durability was found.

After it’s huge initial success, Hypetrain Motors is now one of the leading manufacturers of premium motors for FPV Drones, and through it’s large network of distributors across the globe provides a variety of motor offerings tailored to different pilot styles and preferences.

The elegant three-spoke design is reminiscent of the Rotor Riot logo.

The elegant three-spoke design is reminiscent of the Rotor Riot logo.


Highlights of Hypetrain Design and Engineering

hypetrain base line art.png

16 x 16 Base

The Original Hypetrain Freestyle Motor was the first mass-produced motor to replace the outdated 16 x 19 mounting pattern in favor of a fully symmetrical 16 x 16 layout. The new layout offers more installation flexibility, and enables weight savings through optimized frame design.

hypetrain bearing line art.png


The oversized High Quality EZO Brand Bearings in select Hypetrain Motors extend the usable life of the motor by maximizing impact resistance and increasing durability, allowing the motor to run smoothly even after an intense flying session.

hypetrain stator line art.png


The Hypetrain Series Motors achieved an industry first in motor customization. The 0.15 Silicon Steel Laminations that make up the stator are insulated with a specially formulated powder coating with custom pigments, producing the iconic bright orange core.

hypetrain silver line art.png

Silver COATED Windings

The silver plating on select Hypetrain Motor copper windings helps increase the overall efficiency of the motor. Silver is a great electrical conductor, and since electrical currents tend to travel through the outside of a conductor, silver plated wires are the best option when it comes to efficiency.

hypetrain shaft line art.png


The hollow core steel shaft on Hypetrain Motors is designed for maximum durability without the weight penalty of a solid shaft. The standard M5 threads on Hypetrain Motor steel shafts do not wear out or bend with extended usage like aluminum threads.

hypetrain detail line art.png


Every aspect of brushless motor design has been deconstructed and redesigned with extra special attention to detail. Every aspect, from the nylock propeller nut to the included installation screws have been specified to meet our Design Standards.

hypetrain bottom line art.png


The Open Bottom design on Hypetrain Motors maximizes cooling airflow keeping the windings at an ideal temperature, while simultaneously lowering the overall weight of the motor by eliminating unnecessary material.

hypetrain packaging line art.png


All Hypetrain Motors are Dynamically Balanced on specialized equipment to ensure that each motor spins smoothly and precisely and does not produce unwanted vibrations.

hypetrain magnet line art 1.png


The powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium) magnets on Hypetrain Motors are curved to achieve superior power and efficiency by reducing the air gap between the magnets and the stator.

hypetrain wires line art.png


Hypetrain Motors have highly flexible Silicone Sheathed 20 AWG Multi-Strand Wires to facilitate a variety of installation options and to eliminate wire fatigue and failure due to vibration. The silicone sheathing does not deteriorate from heat during soldering.

hypetrain bell line art.png


The Top Bell on Hypetrain Motors is CNC machined from a solid piece of Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum Alloy, known for it’s high strength and impact resistance. Hypetrain Motors also have a non-slip propeller seat machined into the top of the aluminum bell.